Sunday, July 10, 2011

Computer's Fixed!!! Yay!!!!

Finally! My computer is back in working order (It crashed - again!) and I can get Nowville back up and running again. There is NO way I can catch up on all the backlog of days. Suffice it to say, life, and school, have kept going on despite having no computer, and no printing capabilities. I HAVE, however, kept taking pictures, so I am just going to post a bunch of them here in this post so you can see what we have been up to. During our computer crash time:  Bella graduated (Yes! One down 2 to go!), we went to Comicon, we went to the zoo with Girl Scouts, Jem lost 2 teeth, Scout lost a tooth too, summer started and cousin "Dill" started coming for summer school! , Scout turned 11, Dad and Papa had their birthdays, we went to Pump it Up with the Girls Scouts, we went to the cabin for a week for a big family reunion, cousins D&G joined us for lunch with Gramps, Dill turned 9, Jem had his 1 year Diabetes Anniversary!, we saw fireworks for 4th of July, the preschoolers did Letters D and K and lots of review,  Flossie learned to write her whole name all by herself!, Freddie's pencil grip continued to improve, he also started addition and subtraction!, Scout fell off her skateboard and hurt her knee, and we all started learning about the human body!  Whew!  Here are some photos to prove it:

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