Here is an old Lapbook we did when Scout was 2 1/2.  It is a combination of work she did, examples of books we read, and games I made for her. I was meant to be used and looked at by her again and again, which if you could see it now, you could tell that it was! It is getting kind of shabby. I wish I could remember where I found all the stuff we put inside but that was almost 9 years ago. You'll just have to be content with the pictures.

Front Cover

Left Flap


 Left Inner Flap

Right Inner Flap

 2nd Interior Page

Back Cover

 Here's a Tot Book I got from 1+1+1 Tot School with a Farm theme. These are to be prepared by the parent and used as play/learning materials by the kids as opposed to a true lapbook which is used to show what has been learned and is used to show samples of student work.




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