Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Letter Review - Games - Human Body - 7/12/11

Well, today we wrapped up letter K I guess. I wish we had done more with it. I guess the main obstacle has been money unfortunately. No funds to buy supplies to make kites or ink to print good K pictures. Payday is coming!!! In the meantime, we did some games today to review. I found some foam letters and numbers last week at Target in the dollar section. We used the letters today for a game. We each had a dish in front of us and then we laid out all the letters in a big pile in the middle. When it was your turn, you would roll a number cube to see how many letters you would have to pick up. You would only pick up letters that you knew and could say the name of. This is going to be a really good game to do with the numbers!  After awhile we got tired of doing just 1,2, or 3 at a time so we got out the cards from another game that had pictures from 1 to 10 and used those as our "dice."  That made the game go faster and made it more challenging. They had fun with that. Afterwards, Flossie wanted to play the game that went with the number cards so we did that one real quick too.

After that we did some work in their Handwriting books and Freddie worked in his Math book.  Both spent some time on the computer on Starfall again by request. In between all of this I was wrangling the boys to get their schoolwork done. They did a bit better today but not by much. Dill has done most of his easy worksheets from his summer packet, so what is left are the one's he is either not interested in or thinks are too hard. That is making it challenging for him to get them done on his own anymore. I am having to squeeze time with him in between working with the preschoolers. Jem finished his Handwriting book and is working on his last row of Phonics books and finishing his Math book. He's getting close to being done, but is still plugging along. Meanwhile Scout spent the morning sleeping since we stayed up late watching Harry Potter 4. We're trying to watch them all again before seeing the last one at the midnights on Thursday night! 

After they did all their regular work, and Scout finally woke up, I worked with the boys to catch them up on their Human Body lapbooks while Scout did her regular schoolwork and the preschoolers did their workbox. They did pretty well with it today. They especially like cutting out the big letter Ks!. Afterward, they told me they wanted to do Human Body too and that they had lost their other big body tracings and wanted to do more, so we did them again.  That was pretty much our day. OH, other than 3, yes 3, HUGE screaming fits by Flossie today. Not sure what was up with her, but it looks like the full moon is about 4 days away so can't blame that. Must be those hormones kicking in early!

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