Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wow! Mellow Day! - 7/13/11

Don't know what happened to these kids today but everyone was pretty mellow and motivated today!  Both boys got busy early and got their school done before lunch time!

Dill for some reason got the organization bug and organized all the books on my shelves and the art supplies, and he and Jem organized all the colored pencils.

The preschoolers did really well with all their work too. Freddie did Math, Human Body, art, computer, ipod preschool apps, watched Meet the Numbers, and did the Starfall ABC's on the computer.

Flossie did her shapes workbook, bears and blocks, fruit color sorting, art, watched Meet the Numbers, did Starfall ABC's on the computer, ipod preschool apps, and number work. For that last one I had to turn it into a "mommies and babies" game.  I used the little foam numbers and the big Montessori wooden numbers and had her put 3 "baby" numbers with each "mommy" number - just trying to get her to work on her number recognition. She is getting better for sure.

We had one little disaster today. Flossie was going to put some picture cards on our beginning sounds board and there was a dog gate in the way. She went to move it and that made a picture frame come crashing down which broke (just the frame luckily), and also the gate crashed down which scratched up her hand! Luckily the picture frame and glass didn't land on her head!

Since all the kids finshed their school before lunchtime today - whoah! - they had the afternoon off, and so did I - yay!!  They swam in the pool and played "band."  They brought me a song they had written. Bella and I also watched Harry Potter 6 which they flitted in and out of.  I caught up on my Couponsense stuff and worked on this blog :)  We finally decided to open this up to the public, and in doing so, I wanted to make sure it was as safe as possible for the kids, so I went and gave them all nicknames. I changed the initials I was using for them form the beginning post (38 posts ago!!) and substituted their nicknames. I explained their nicknames in the edited first post, and also added some side links to help explain them too. It's almost 10:00 and I'm finally caught up!!  Getting outside followers will hopefully bring in some fresh ideas and also help keep me motivated to do new inspiring, amazingly brilliant things!!!!  Woo hoo!! 

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