Wednesday, May 18, 2011

F Review - 5/18/11

This morning I put out the Handwriting Without Tears materials and just let them build and write whatever letters they wanted to. Freddie was doing great going through each letter and telling me all the words he could think of that started with that letter. He spent more time on each letter but he stopped once he got to the ones we haven't done yet. Flossie went through each letter more quickly, but she explored more of the letters and experimented with writing some of the letters we haven't learned yet. She was excited to find the first letter of her name in the pile and a few others that she knows like A and X.

On the table I put out some Playdoh and the letter and number cookie cutters. I have to say it was a bit of a mess today. Playdoh seems to dry out so quickly! And when it does it gets crumbly all over the place.  I think I will have to go back to making homemade. Don't have a great pot for doing that though :(   Anyway, they had fun. Note to self: buy vacuum cleaner bags asap!

Next we had out the Pattern Block cards.  The boys played with them for awhile on their own. Jem knows how to use them and follow the directions on the cards. Freddie watched him for awhile but I'm not sure if he used them correctly or not. I was doing something else while he was playing with them. But during a quiet moment I sat for awhile and showed Flossie how they are actually meant to be used. She did really well with them. Freddie actually came up and said, "You're good at this Flossie!"

For table work we did a few different letter F worksheets. I had no sticky dots left so I just had them color that one in with markers. Freddie scolded Flossie about using different colors within one letter. He said she was supposed to use only one color per letter. She gave him a disgusted look, no comment, and went on doing what she was doing.  :)   Two others were practice writing letter F. And one was finding large and small F's on the page. They always seem to like doing these, and do well with them.

I had some materials that I had printed out awhile ago that I needed to wrap up so we did that today. We made a Farm lapbook that was from Tot School which she actually calls a Totpack. It is meant to be prepared mostly by the parent and used by the child over and over as a fun learning material. We put it together today and they played with each of the components as we did it. Freddie colored a cover page for it. I talked to them about how they could take it home and keep it there and whenever they were bored or wanted to do it they could take it out and play with it. I put pics of it on the Lapbook page here.

Jem worked on his handwriting and some math while we did our table work. Scout listened to her history lecture, did handwriting, and grammar,  and tried to do some math. I had a hard time getting the older kids to get school done today. I have to get a better schedule/routine going. It's hard juggling all of their needs at once. I'm spending a lot more time on preschool than on the older kids. I have to find more balance.

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