Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Leaves Part 2 - 11/9/11

Scout is always wanting to lead art projects with the little kids, so I finally just put it into her weekly schedule. Wednesdays are her art project days. She plans and carries out her own projects that day. Today she took them outside to collect leaves and had them glue them collage style on large pieces of  paper.

Wednesdays are busy days. Scout has voice lessons so we go to the park while we wait for her. We also have Bella to take to and from school and work. We're in the car a LOT! We did do some school at home though. Jem did his history lecture today. It was History through Art. And Freddie started his first sight words lesson. I think he is ready for something new. And the new sight words stuff from RRSP came out right at the right time. I'm going to try it with him and see how he takes to it.

Fall Leaves - 11/8/11

When we went up to our cabin to cut firewood a couple of weeks ago, I took a couple of big leaves off of he big maple tree in front of the cabin so we could try to make the leaf prints I had seen here. We couldn't resist doing leaf rubs first before we got the leaves all full of paint. They turned out really neat. I cut them out so they could glue them on black paper so they would really stand out. After that, we did the leaf prints but we used fall colors. I think they turned out pretty cool. So did the leaves that we used to paint with! Since we used acrylic paints, they dried on the leaves without flaking off and almost plasticized them.

 Here are a couple of the other things we did today:  

Is it Monday Already? - 11/7/11

Today crept up on me! After a whirlwind weekend of the state fair on Friday and the JDRF walk on Saturday and then major car repairs and house cleaning on Sunday I hadn't had time to prepare for school!  SO, needless to say, today was a mish-mosh of ideas and activities. the kids didn't seem to notice or mind :)

Brain Training exercises a la dianecraft.org