Friday, November 30, 2012

Weeks 11 - 14: Fall Leaves, Pumpkin Seeds, Letter H, and Oranges

Wow! Too much time has passed since my last post. Too busy I guess. With Scout in one show and Jem in another I have been scooting between two rehearsals every night, and between sickness make-up days and holidays, I have had Sarah on odd days and Flossie for a few longer days. Throw in trying to clean our garage, take down Halloween decorations, put up Thanksgiving, take down Thanksgiving, then put up Christmas, and we're just spinning over here! Oh yeah, and then there's school! Not enough awake time in the days. I've been trying hard not to let myself stay up too late as I usually am apt to do since that's my only alone time to get any work done. But I just have to get some sleep in, so I've been trying to go to sleep by 1:00 at the latest. So, no posts.
But, here you go. Better late than never!

Pumpkin Seeds
After Halloween, we decided to try to sprout a few of the pumpkin seeds. We hung them up in bags in our windows and waited and watched. Within the week we started to see some roots growing.  after that, the seed leaves popped out and the stems started growing pretty fast. Everyone was excited to check their seeds' progress each day and each others' seeds. Once they began growing out of their bags, we replanted them in some small pots and put them in the window sill. They don't honestly look too happy, so I don't know how they'll do. I warned the kids that this wasn't really the time to be planting pumpkin seeds, so we were just going to see what happened, so that's exactly what we're going to do. They might not make it, but it has been fun watching them grow so far.

We read a book called Oranges! by Zack Ragow. And then . . . we went crazy with oranges  :)
 We washed them

 We counted them

 Two ways to do the same math: Counting and writing numbers.
  And counting and using tally marks - in this case dots.
You can find the Counting Oranges page here.

Made orange playdoh birthday cakes!

Put orange sprinkles in our yogurt

Made orange collages

                  Looked                                                                   Cut



Logged our orange study on an Exploration Page 

And finally painted with what was left!    

  Here is a great video of Sarah using the Counting Oranges page!