Tuesday, January 10, 2012

C is for Calendar and Colors

Bit  of a laid back day today - long diabetes night! Guess this was a good day for it since Scout's voice lessons got switched to today. That means park time for the others and a dent out of the middle of our school day which was ok by me today. But we did get in some good school before all of that. We started with our calendar notebooks which went quick and smooth. The kids like knowing what to do on their own and what comes next.

Then they all went on with their individual work. Flossie worked on colors and shapes. Freddie started some new sight words. The big kids did free reading until it was time for their live  History and Science lectures.

Afterward Jem read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to the kids to go over color words. They have been learning to read color words as sight words in their calendar notebooks and in a few worksheets too, so he thought the book would be a good idea. He of course then ended up reading Polar Bear, Polar Bear and Panda Bear, Panda Bear too.

After this it was pretty much rush, rush, voice, park, home, play play, play, and me read and chill - or try to with 4 wild animals and 2 little dogs running madcap around the house!

My favorite pic of the day:

Preschool Letter C - 1/9/12

Today was our first day back to school after the holidays. It was mostly a day of getting back into the swing of things and trying to remember our old routine. A the end of November, we played around a little with doing calendar notebooks  as seen at RRSP.  They all seemed to enjoy it, but in December, we let it fall off because for one, we didn't do school for the whole month, and for two, we did for crafty stuff than real school. After talking to the kids, we decided to start them again with the new year. We will see how long they want to keep it up. They have some pages that they all do and some pages that are different. Scout's pages are all in cursive. If nothing else, it is good daily number practice for the preschoolers, and Scout and Jem will always know what the date is and won't have to ask me!

We decided to keep on doing letter C this week since it got short coverage during December. I have found some things on Chameleons, Cactus, Castles, and Cars, so it may take us one or two weeks to finish.

Everyone seemed ready to get back to school. We did a full day. The big kids were ready to be done by the end of the day :) but I think they were getting bored, and were glad to get back to learning.

 Even though I enjoyed my time off, it was good to see everyone back to their routines, and also to see that they hadn't forgotten everything over the past few weeks!  :)  Now let's see what tomorrow brings!