Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Playing Catch-up

Funny how one little thing can throw you off your game. I had to vacuum this morning. I'm sorry. The floor was a mess. After several days of playdoh and snacks and paper cutting, and general play, it needed to be vacuumed BAD. I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to get it done this morning. But that meant I didn't have time to get all my things laid out for the kids before they came. Somehow that threw off our whole morning. I felt like I was in catch-up mode the whole time. I couldn't keep up. No sooner did I get one kid set up with something to do, then the next kid was done and needing something else to do. I wasn't well-prepared. Bad, bad, bad!  We got lots done this morning, but it wasn't smooth or easy feeling. Really? Just because I had to vacuum?

Since I still had to eat breakfast, I set them up with something I thought would keep them busy for awhile. I gave Flossie several babies and dolls and a big bag of baby doll clothes. She was in heaven :) Freddie and Jem had a big stack of coloring books and crayons and that kept them going for quite awhile. Once I felt like I was ready to tackle the day, I set up Frogs and Logs for more color/pattern work, the painting easel outside, Some books including a new one Panda Bear,Panda Bear What Do You See? by Eric Carle, the Lego puzzle for Flossie to try, and the large Cuisenaire Rods inside just for free building right now since this is the first time they are seeing them. 

The of course the big kids had lots to do too. Jem worked on his Handwriting, Insect study, Geography, and Math.  His sister participated in her live History at Our House lecture today, listened to her recorded Music at Our House lecture, read 10 pages of George Washington's World, did her handwriting, and struggled through her math. I figured out what her problem is there too today. She was working on rounding decimals. For the answers the book wanted her to round to the nearest 1 decimal place. So a number like 3.24 Would round off to 3.2.  A number like 2.09 would become 2.1.  She could not get past the fact that you would drop the last number. "What happens to it?" "You can't just get rid of it"  I finally figured out it was her OCD/Hoarding driving her nuts over not wanting to let those numbers go. :(   Well, crap.  Got through  today's work, but not without tears.

Then we finished our school day by finalizing our plans for the upcoming Academic Fair on the 20th of April.  Scout is going to finish her lapbook and map on Minn of the Mississippi,  and Jem is going to finish his insect study. We have lots of work to do for both, so we are going to put our other studies on hold for a week or two (other than History and Music which we can't really fall behind in) and just focus on getting our stuff ready for the Academic Fair. Sounds like I have a lot more prep to do. Now if only I had a lot more hours in the day!

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