Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back on Track - 3/24/11

Today I knew we had to be out a little bit, so I made sure we started off the morning with school!
They started off with some free play with peg board puzzles and color sorting bowls and bears. I think I am going to start a lapbook with them. I haven't decided exactly the theme yet, but I printed a few things that will work with whichever theme I choose, so I started them on a few things for that and had them work on those. Then we worked on some letter B materials from this great site I found!! I am so excited because it looks like a goldmine of ideas and printable materials.  It's called 1+1+1 Tot School.  So far, the kids have enjoyed the materials I have used from there, and it looks like they have plenty for them to grow with.

 On Thursday's we meet "Gramps" for lunch. He is my grandpa, the kids great-grandpa. We go somewhere different each week. My cousin and her two kids usually go with us. Sometimes other family members join us. This week my dad met us. We went to Peter Piper Pizza. The kids had fun. So did Gramps :)  I'm so thankful that my kids will have good memories of spending time with their great-grandpa.

 Our next activity was to go to the park and join our homeschool "Tenders" group (Ten and Unders) for some old-fashioned games at the park. We played "Red-Rover," "Button-Button, Who's Got the Button," and "Duck, Duck, Goose."  Freddie got right in there and participated. Flossie was a little more hesitant. She was willing to be there and be part of it but didn't want to take a turn in any of the games which was fine. She was the youngest one who was actually playing. I think they both had fun playing games with the group.

  From the park we went home for short naps and then the kids had time for a little bit more "school" play. Freddie put together a free-form Lego puzzle. K did some work with Unifix Cubes and pattern cards. It took her a little while to figure out the idea of continuing the patterns, but she was getting it by the end. This is something we will keep working on. Sequencing and patterning are important for later work in reading and math and in developing thinking and problem-solving skills. I found some other great ideas here that we'll use in the weeks ahead.

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