Sunday, March 27, 2011

Of Salsa and Dragons! - 3/25/11

Today was a full day out!  I knew we wouldn't be home to do school, so learning my lesson, I warned Freddie ahead of time that we wouldn't be doing much school today because we were going on a filed trip!  Our Girl Scout troupe had planned a trip to a salsa factory. Only problem was that it started at 10:00am and was about an hour and a half away, so I had to have everyone loaded up, including lunches, snacks, school to do in the car, video games, waters, etc, by 8:30. All went pretty well. We were actually the first ones there! That was unheard of! The little kids traveled really well. I brought some of their Tot School worksheets in page protectors with dry-erase markers and erasers attached to clipboards so they could work on them on the way if they chose to.

 The salsa factory was fun, but kind of short. They got to go into the cold storage area and wear funny hats. The highlight was getting to go home with their own tub of salsa and bag of chips which we all chowed down on  on the way home!

From there, we headed to our homeschool park day. On this day we had a special program called Deb's Dragons visiting to talk to the group about reptiles and insects. The kids got to hold snakes, Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, a Bearded Dragon, a Blue-Tongues Sink, and a Tarantula.

   After the reptile show the little kids went home, and my kids and I stayed for our regular park day for a couple of hours. Then it was off to Winnie the Pooh rehearsal and then Family Night with our whole big family. A long full day, but a fun one :)

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