Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mesa Arts Center 3/11/11

I just wanted to take a minute to jump back into last week. Some friends invited us to the opening of a light and sculpture exhibit called Amococo ate the Mesa Arts Center . The news was going to be filming a segment on the opening of the exhibit and they wanted some homeschoolers with theater experience, so we showed up. It was a really cool exhibit where you could walk through this blow-up hive-like tunnel that was lit by outside light only but was full of bright colors on the inside. Hard to describe but very cool.

After that we went through the art gallery there. Jem had been begging for quite awhile to go to the art museum so this got me off the hook for awhile :) The kids took pics by some of their favorite exhibits. When we left there, there was an activity set up where they could weave strips of material along the fence that surrounds the top of the gallery.  Pretty artsy day :)

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