Monday, April 23, 2012

April Preschool - April 2012

In April we did a lot of Easter activities and did a big Rainbow study. I'll do a separate post on all our rainbow work, but here are some pics from our general work/play during April:

So happy Flossie has someone to play babies with now!

 Working on an IEW PALS writing lesson.                 Subtraction :)
Labeling things around the house :)

Domino Math!                                                             I remember doing this when I was little :)

 Practicing shapes and letters in cous-cous.
Gotta do something with it!

 Freddie and Flossie are becoming experts at puzzles! Guess I need to get some harder ones!

 Love these times :)                                                      The kids could never do these puzzles 6 months
                                                                                      ago. They were reluctant to even try today but
                                                                                      were so proud at their success!

Flossie teaching Sarah :)

Scout's IEW writing assignment.                                Jem doing spelling words with white crayon and

Joey the parakeet's funeral. Dad dug us a hole. Kind words were said by all.  Jem wanted to do the covering up with dirt part. R.I.P. Joey.  :(

Pattern Blocks

Jem doing extra History at Our House map work.

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