Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Field Trip - Phoenix Zoo - 2/28/12

In February we took a trip with Grammy and Papa to the Zoo! The weather was great and we all had a fun time. We must have since we were there for over 5 hours! When we first got there, Jem was running around and somehow ran head first into the metal bar on the SEAT of the tables we were sitting at. He immediately got a golfball size bump on his forehead and started crying that he was going to die! Great! Luckily we had an ice chest and ice and he was fine. Kettle corn. Hot chocolate. Crisis averted. Later, Jem got to feed the giraffes. He was not impressed. All they let him do was hold out a piece of lettuce which it quickly snatched up. They only let me (the adult) feed it the pellets which allowed me to feel the sandpapery tongue. He was kind of bummed about the whole thing. Oh well. Sarah insisted on pulling the fairly heavy wagon full of our lunches and an ice chest through most of the zoo. Not sure why. I finally had to insist it was someone else's turn just to give her a break. Our favorite part was the orangutans which were a riot this time. The young one was really giving his grandma a hard time, and the father kept having to break the two of them up. It was a real soap opera. Since the weather was so nice, a lot of the animals that usually are not out, were out walking around. The kids insisted on me taking their pictures in front of the kit fox because we almost never see them up and about. AND I saw the cheetah walking around and going poop! A real live cheetah pooping! You don't see that very often! Here are some pics from the day:

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