Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Estrella War Field Trip - 3/29/12

On the last Thursday of March we went to the Estrella War.  It was hot, hot, hot this year!! you never know what you are going to get with this event, but the weather is always severe. One year it was poring rain and got flooded out. Another year I remember horrible sun just like this time. One year we froze. Well, I brought my giant umbrella trying to cover at least two possibilities :)  It did help with the sun a bit, but we were definitely wilting by the time we left. In years past there were also much more demonstrations of medieval life and we got to see the actual war. This year we went a day early and the war part hadn't started yet! We did get to see some sparring, some archery, rapier fights, and the kids got to practice with the big shields and weapons. Of course there was food and vendors (not as many as usual though, and our favorite homemade lemonade guy couldn't make it this year). Over all, we had fun though. It was a long hot day and everyone was pooped out by the late afternoon.
I asked the kids what their favorite part was. Freddie, Flossie, and Sarah all agreed that it was the snow cones/ice creams and the souvenir swords/magic wands we got. Clearly this was over their heads! Scout liked the archery (thanks to Hunger Games) and that she got to get some Henna on her hand/arm.  Jem liked the archery too and the fighting with the shields. He also liked the key shop. Remind me next year to take them all to Baskin Robbins and call it a day!!

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