Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Field Trip - Pioneer Living History Museum - 3/7/12

In March we visited the Pioneer Living History Museum. I still remember going on a field trip there when I was in grade school, only it was called Pioneer Arizona back then :).  It still looks basically the same except it's a bit more weathered. I was surprised at how interested Jem was in all of it. When we got there I told the kids it was where the Pioneers used to live. Freddie wanted to know why they moved.
When we left I asked them what their favorite part was. Here was the result:

Sarah:  The piggies
Flossie:  The Pigs and the School House
Freddie: The Cowboy Shootout and the School
Jem: The Cowboy Shootout and the Blacksmith
Scout: The School House and the Pigs - "except the pigs were kept in terrible conditions and so I I think we should call the humane society and report them."
Me:  Our picnic in the grass and when I got all the kids to push ME in the wagon finally. Also that there were two men in the room with Scout and Freddie when a cabinet door fell off it's hinges in the Victorian House shattering glass all over the floor.  They were quick to tell the staff that no one was anywhere near the cabinet when the door fell off. Lucky for the kids, because they definitely would have been blamed otherwise, and also they were very lucky not to have been hurt! Whew!

Once again, we lost track of time because we were having too much fun and we were there all day!

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