Thursday, September 15, 2011

S is for Seriously??? 9/14/11

It was one of those days.

The day started out ok. I got up on time. Got everything set up for our day. Scout had her first live History lecture and she got to bed at a decent time last night so she was able to wake up ok this morning. Jem lucked out this year. I signed him up for once a week History lectures and because enrollment was down, Mr. Powell offered all of the once-a-week students full week live lectures for the same price, so he gets to have live lectures every day. So, the preschoolers have had two days already of understanding that they need to be quiet or go in the other room during lecture time and they did really well today.

After that we had some preschool time:
Monkey Math

After that, I had to do a quick site change for Jem before we left the house.
That's when the dog pooped on the floor . . .  and things started to go downhill from there.

Scout cleaned up the poop and we had to rush out of the house to take Bella to her doc appointment.
Wait,  mad scramble to find Freddie some shoes that will fit because he left his at home. He finds some of Jem's old shoes and we laughed because people are going to think he has really HUGE feet!
We got into the van and realized the A/C had decided not to work today. It has been periodically going off and on for about a week. It must have a short somewhere. The rear A/C works in the back for the kids, but the front air doesn't come out for me and Bella. So, hot muggy day today. No A/C. Nice.
Plus, all my shorts have holes in them so I decided to spare the world that visual and I wore my jeans.
Your welcome.
Did I mention no A/C in the front of the van?
We decided to wait out Dylan's appointment at the Mc D play area this time for a change. French fries and water for all. We're on a budget ya know. Then, while the kids were madly running around in the play area, Jem came out and showed me his brand new site that had somehow fallen out.
Nice. No IV 3000 left so we have to wait to fix it until we get home.
Back to pick up Bella and then over to drop her off at school and back home for lunch.
Headache beginning to say, "Hello there. Remember me?"
Start lunch. Put in new site. Serve lunch. Get kids going on their recorded Science lecture.
Go back to pick up Bella, bring her home to change clothes, and then drop her off at work.

Meanwhile Freddie and Flossie have fallen asleep in the car. Naptime - check.
Drop Bella off and get back home.
Did I mention no A/C in the van? And me in my jeans? And the headache now in full bloom?

We get home and have about a half and hour before we have to leave for make-up training for King & I and the rehearsal for the night. Freddie says, "Guess what?  I peed in my pants when I was sleeping in the car!"  O M G!! Freddie NEVER has accidents!  Mad rush to find him some extra clothes. Luckily I had his swimming suit left over from this summer, and Jem has been badly in need of new undies, so lots of his are small  :)

Got everyone pottied, fresh cold drinks, snacks, hair brushed, bags packed, diabetes supplies packed, dinner packed, and off we went to the theater. We got out of the car and everyone filed out with Freddie at the rear. His pants were all soaking wet! "Why are your pants all wet again!!???" "I spilled my water."

And that's when I realized. We're doing letter S today.  And S is for SERIOUSLY???

Oh well. Wet pants it is. We had nothing to change in to. And after all it was only water. I hope!

 Rehearsal was hectic too with scuffles between the kids. One calling another gay. The say boy kicking several other kids. The Bella calling upset that no one was picking her up on time. After we got out we had to go feed our friend's animals that we are watching while she's on vacation. We ended up getting home at about 10:00.

LOOONG     HOT    DAY!!!

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