Sunday, May 8, 2011

T is for Turtles (Part 2) - 5/6/11

For free play time today I found a hidden treasure in my closet - a whole container of preschool puzzles!  I knew stashes those things would come in handy one day! The kids were excited to see some new puzzles out today. I also put out the Wedgits which are cool to build with . I wish I had more of them though. I got them at the fair one year. You can make really cool Tall Towers with them!  I also found some pattern cards for pattern block Turtles, and they had fun making those.  Jem also did some drawing.

 Next they did some table work. Freddie worked on finding the letters in the word Turtle. Flossie didn't want to do that one. They both did a 3 page packet of pre-writing tracing pages. They both did their dry-erase worksheet for practicing Letter T. They both did several math worksheets. Freddie did one extra sheet because I thought that one would be too hard for Flossie. It was a challenge for him, but he was able to do it with a little bit of help. He always amazes me, because I often check in with him and say, "do you want to stop and take a break or do you want to do something else?" and he always wants more school to do, even when I know his brain worked really hard on the previous task. Sometimes I have to cut him off because I know he has been working hard and needs a break. 

After that it was lunch and naps. But more importantly it was finally opening night!! Both kids did great and had a lot of fun. I was exhausted!

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