Sunday, May 8, 2011

T is for Turtles (Part 1) - 5/5/11

We started the morning just with some free art time so I could get the turtle observation set up. I planned to bring in the Turtles so the kids could see them up close since they are usually hiding outside. I had just bought some new markers and black paper glitter crayons so Jem, Freddie, and Flossie had fun with those for awhile while I coaxed the Turtles out of their dens (Scout and Bella were still sound asleep!).

Then it was time for some serious scientific Turtle observation!  We talked about all their parts and what they eat, where they live, all their colors. They put up with us poking and prodding them a little bit and also hid in their shells a bit. We rewarded them with some lettuce and bananas.

After awhile it was time to go to lunch with Gramps, Grammy, and Papa,  and then drop Bella off at school to do some studying. While there, we saw some nice round rocks that would be perfect for making rock Turtles so we sent J out to snag some and high-tailed it out of there. When we got home we got busy painting and gluing them and then put them outside to dry.  

I knew we were going to have to head to the theater pretty soon after they woke up, so I tried to squeeze in a little bit more school before they went down for naps. We had a couple of Turtle things to do: some Turtle lacing cards which proved to be more of a challenge than I thought, and some Turtle counting cards which Freddie enjoyed but which Flossie steered clear of. She knew what they were :) After that it was naps and theater and our days was done.

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