Friday, May 6, 2011

T is for Trains (Part 2) - 4/29/11

Thursday's train work did not go how I hoped it would. We just didn't have enough time, and although
Friday was also a short morning, I was a little better prepared, so we were able to do more on trains that day. I put the Fisher-Price trains out again and they loved building tracks all over the living room.

Then I found some shape pattern trains. The activity was basically about being able to look at a picture and follow the pattern. I gave them colored shapes and they had to look at the pattern card to see how to build their train using the shapes. They both did pretty good with it once they understood the idea, and were excited to see their final product.

Next we had some Train cars with numbers written on them from 1 to 10. I had them put the cards in order. Then I called out numbers and asked them to find them. After that, I put some Unifix Cubes out and Freddie started counting them out on each numbered train.

About this time it was time to head out for Scout's Girl Scout meeting. The little kids went home from there and we were off to little Jem's endochronology appointment. The good news was that his A1c was down to 8.7 from 9.7 just 3 months ago. That means we're doing something right :)

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