Friday, May 6, 2011

T is for Trains (Part 1) - 4/28/11

Thursday was a busy day out. We had a little time at home before we left for lunch with Gramps so I put the Fisher-Price Trains out (luckily the batteries still worked!)  and also the Montessori cylinders (Flossie seems to like them) among a few of our usual other activities.

It was our cousin's turn to pick the lunch place today and he wanted pancakes! So we went to IHOP  :).  Everyone was happy with that choice and the kids all had fun.

After lunch we had to take Bella to her doctors appointment so we went to the park while we waited for her. When we got home it was time for naps, and then it was off to the theater for rehearsals. Since we didn't have a lot of time for school, I brought some with us, and the little kids were able to work on a few things while the big kids rehearsed for their play.

Here's Jem in his Turtle make-up. He was all excited. Bet he get tired of it pretty quick!

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