Monday, May 16, 2011

F is for Fish (Part 2) - 5/11/11

For free play I put out some of the same things from the day before - Fishing poles and Fish,  Fish puzzles and other puzzles - and then I also put out the materials for an art project - collage square Fish.  I didn't give much direction for this - just let them go at it. I also had markers out and extra fish, so they all ended up making one with the collage squares and one they decorated with markers.

Some other things we had out today were a Ravensburger game called Fishin' Fun, a Find the Letters in Fish activity, and a Fishy color/number memory game.

What took up the majority of the rest of our day was our Name Project.  Every day Freddie and Flossie trace their names on the light table in order to learn how to write their names correctly. I think it is working for Flossie because her first letter is getting easier for her to write, and she now knows how to write a few more of her letters. Freddie especially has asked me a few times what other people's names start with. When I was looking through some of my old file folder games, I found an old Names folder I had made for Scout when she was little with all her family member's names and pictures so that she could practice writing their names and so she had it if she wanted to write them a letter or needed to write thank-you notes or invites. I showed it to Freddie and he said, "I want one of those too!"  And of course Jem and Flossie chimed in that they needed one too. So, of course we dropped what were doing and got busy making names folders!  First we got on the computer and found pics of all their family members. Then we printed them all out. Then they chose which color folders they wanted and we cut all the pictures out. Then we glued all the pictures on sentence strips and wrote all the names on them. Somewhere in there we took a break for lunch. Once they were done, the little kids went for a nap, and since Dad was home from work today, I headed off to the teacher store to laminate them all so they would hold up to lots of use. By the time they woke up, the names were all laminated and cut out. Then it was just a matter of getting them a dry-erase marker and eraser to keep in their folders and pockets for their names. Freddie seemed pretty excited to take his home.

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