Tuesday, April 19, 2011

L is for Lamb/Eggs/ - 4/19/11

We got our new A/C unit today!! Hurray!! BUT, it meant we were pretty hot, by the end of the morning. We started off fine, but by lunch we were all ready for some cool air!
When the kids arrived today, they noticed that the Turtles were awake and out, so we took the opportunity to go outside and feed them.  I have three 3-toed box Turtles who live in a habitat outside. During the hot summer and the cold winter they rarely come out of their dens, so the best time to see them is during the spring either in the morning or in the afternoon. We brought them some grapes, romaine lettuce, and green beans. They were happy to see us, and the kids were happy to see them.

After that we went in for some free play time. I put out puzzles, the lentils box with plastic eggs, a color matching Easter eggs game, and the marble blocks.  They thought it was pretty cool to have the Easter eggs in the lentils. I had more of a mess though since J showed them how to make egg shakers and they inevitably broke open!  Oh well.   The marble blocks went over better this time. Both kids played with them and built a big flat structure. They tried using their marbles with this for awhile, and then I showed them how to make a descending stair type tower so that the marble would fall. They thought that was very cool and played with it for about 15 more minutes. While I ate breakfast I watched Flossie doing puzzles. Today she took out the the easy ones first and did them with no problem, but then she took out the hard ones and I was so proud of her! She proceeded to take out about 5 or 6 pieces of the puzzle instead of dumping it out and then completed it on her own without asking for help. She remembered our work from yesterday! She was proud of herself too!  The color matching game was cute, but really too easy for them. They both did it quickly and easily. I think we'll hand this down to one of our littler cousins.

After this we played some games. Jem and Freddie wanted to play the Egg Dice game and that gave Flossie and I some time to work on her number recognition. I just narrowed it down to numbers 1 and 2 and made a game out of it. I used the number eggs from Home Grown Hearts , the bunny counters and a homemade dice I made with sticker dots and a small block.  Basically I just made it so she could either roll a number 1 or a number 2, and then whichever number she got, she would put a bunny on the corresponding egg. She got a kick out of seeing one number or the other getting more "friends" than the other. Each time she rolled a number, I had her tell me what number it was. By the end she was doing really well recognizing both numbers.  Now we could easily add in number 3 and then number 4 to our game, but I don't want to go to fast. I want to move slow and practice 1 and 2 in other settings also to make sure she has them clear in her min before assuming they are done. Anyway, she had fun, and wanted to take the game home to play at home and bring back Thursday.  

In the spirit of Easter we had some hard boiled eggs for snack. The kids peeled them and cut them up themselves. It was cute hearing them talk bout which part of the egg they like best and why.

To finish out our morning and the Letter L, we made some Lambs with paint, paper, glue and crayons. Although they all had the same materials, everyone's came out different, but they were all really cute.
We added the lamb to our "L is for .... " poster and I think now we are ready to move on to a new letter. Hmmm, what will it be??? (Did you find the clue?)

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