Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday J!! - 4/15/11

Friday was Jem's 7th birthday! He was diagnosed this past year at age 6, so in many ways it feels like we're leaving that awful year behind and moving on with the rest of his life. At the same time, I hate it each time my kids turn a year older. I wish they would stay young forever. Here's the last picture of Jem at age 6:
 And here's the first one of him at age 7 :)  He looks so much older right???

No, I know, I'm crazy. I just love my kiddos. Anyway, it was going to be a busy day of birthday activities, but we did have time for a little bit of preschool before we left. Flossie and Freddie both worked on Handwriting Without Tears materials making the letters B and L using the wood pieces, the chalk board, and the Play Doh cards. I was going to introduce the grey block writing sheets but we didn't have time. We had to leave by 10:30 to pick up the cake and head to Chuck E. Cheese for Jem's b-day party.

Everything went great for the party. Jem had a great time. They make a huge deal about the b-day boy and he had a blast. Freddie and Flossie seemed to have fun too but did NOT like Chuck E. Cheese. Too scary I guess. No problem though. There was plenty of room for them to stay away from him  :).  We were there for about 2 1/2 hours and then we headed over to our homeschool park day.

From park day we had to head home to quickly pack for our upcoming b-day sleepover at Grammy and Papa's house and then get to Winnie the Pooh rehearsal. The preschoolers stayed home with Bella rather than sit through the 3 hour rehearsal. After rehearsal we rushed home to snatch the 3 of them up and get to our evening family party. By this time we were all tired and hungry, but happy to see everyone and Jem was very excited to be having a sleepover finally with his cousins! Plus there was more pizza, more cake, more presents, and a new bike!!

Jem got the movie Tron for one his presents, so he and the cousins and Papa watched it before bed. We woke up early the next morning in order for us to get Scout to rehearsal and Bella to a parade. We had a delicious pancake breakfast and were out the door by 8:30. Jem said it was the best birthday of his whole life!!  Whew!

I'll add in a weekend event here. Our local diabetes support group met on Sunday at the park for a potluck/picnic. We love getting together with them because it helps Jem (and us) remember that he's not alone with his disease. He also get to see other kids with insulin pumps, or shots, or checking their blood sugar, and sometimes using new technology that we haven't tried yet. I have been talking to him about a CGM device which is a Continuous Glucose Monitor. With it, you still have to check your blood sugar at meal times but in between times, it gives you a constant reading of what your blood sugar is. It would cut way down on the number of time he would need to test his blood sugar. It also tells you trends, like if you are going up or down. This would be a huge help. If he was 90 but he was trending up, then I might not treat his situation the same as if he was trending down. When I first told him about it he said he wanted it right away. But then when he found out it would mean he would have to have another site, he didn't want it. Yesterday he saw a younger boy with a CGM site on his arm and asked what it was and I told him it was the thing we were talking about. He said, "Oh, cool!" It doesn't mean he's ready to get one, but he got to see it on someone and see that it's not a big awful thing. A little kids had it on and he was ok. He got to see the size of it, and placement of it. It just helped take the unknown away from the whole thing. The support group is a GOOD thing  :)

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