Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer 2012 - Part 2

Summer has gone by so fast!!  We all took some much need to time to just rest and do whatever we wanted to do, and now we are all ready to get back to school. The kids are actually WANTING to start school again which is great! This was the first time in several years that we did NO school at all during the summer and I think it was a good thing.

Here are a few updates:

Scout finished her Into the Woods camp at Theater Works and had a blast. The show was adorable and she did a great job! She auditioned again for Kids Alive! which is a singing/dancing/acting group at the theater and got in to an older girls group now called Kids Alive 2. She is planning to audition next for Annie at Arizona Broadway Theater in Spetember. This will be a big audition. The shows there run Tuesday through Sunday! She says that's what she loves :)

Jem GOT THE PART of Winthrop in the Theater Works production of The Music Man!! He was so excited. I was relieved because he was so confident and sure he was going to get it that I was worried he'd be devastated if he didn't. He worked really hard preparing for the audition, so I guess it all paid off. The only problem has been that he caught this nasty cough that has been running through our family and has had to miss 3 rehearsals! He has been sick enough that his blood sugar has been running higher than normal and a couple of days he even had keytones - not good.  Hopefully he will be back on track next week. The show runs from October 5th to the 28th and you can get tickets HERE.

Diabetes is with him. In sickness and in health.

Some important events happened in July and August:

Jem had his second Diabetes Anniversary!

Bella had her 19th Birthday!!

Freddie had his last day as a preschooler with us and his first day as a kindergartener!!

 Here are some random shot from the rest of our summer fun:

D-friends and preschool friends meet-up at the sprinkler park

Lunch with Gramps at Peter Piper

Freddie fell in the mud while playing in the sprinklers. At first he was crying, but then he saw how funny it was.

Ice Skating at Polar Ice Starlight Event

Homeschool group Activity Day - We played games, made bookmarks, and built wood projects.

M&M Painting

And that's it for Summer 2012!  Now on to the next school year!!

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