Monday, January 16, 2012

C is for Creativity! - 1/11/12

Our printer ran out of ink today so we did less table work and more school with puzzles and manipulatives and art materials. As you can imagine, the kids were perfectly fine with that! :)  I pulled out the Lego free-from puzzle. Every time I get it out, Freddie starts out by being frustrated and saying he can't do it. I have no idea why because it's a puzzle where all the pieces fit each other in any way you want them to go. There is no right way to do it. I guess that freaks him out. There is no picture to put together. You just build it anyway you want to.  Once he gets going, he's fine, but it always trips him up at first.

Flossie came in with her oatmeal this morning, so I figured it was a good time for her to start learning to make it herself. I showed her how to measure out her water and pour everything in the bowl and then how to work the microwave. She did pretty good and seemed proud of herself. (Of course I reminded her that she always need to have a grown-up helping her with the microwave because it makes things really hot!)

Later she played with the 101 Dalmations. She separated them all into those that were "sleeping" and those that were "awake." I snuck a little bit of math in there too. She is doing pretty well with addition when we use maniplatives.
Scout led the art project today. She got a big roll of paper out and all of the different types of art materials out and she said they were going to make the "Biggest picture in the World"  ala Ramona Quimby.  She wanted them to keep it all intact but they grumbled a lot about that, especially Freddie who wanted to cut his section off so he could take it home. In the end he agreed they could hang it up on the fence outside. 

Unfortuantely the day ended in a migraine for Jem. not sure why. It's his 3rd one. Hope he's not following in Scout and my footsteps!

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