Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween - 10-31-11

We had 4 days of Halloween this year!

Day 1:  Halloween-themed family night. Everyone was supposed to dress up. Even Grammy and Papa got in on the action!

Day 2:  Thanks to Starlight Foundation we went Trick-or-Treating with the Phoenix Coyotes!

 Day 3:
Jem's best D friend was in town for his birthday so we went out to party with him, and then rushed home to get ready for our homeschool group's Halloween party at the park. 

Day 4:  Halloween!  It was a school day so we did some Halloween school. Unfortunately, I didn't get many pics of it :(  I had a lot of worksheets printed from the Pumpkin Preschool Pack from 1+1+1, and I just let them choose what they wanted with the exception of one worksheet which was a color by number type thing. It had blank pumpkins on top and then an answer key on bottom. You can find it at the link above. It was adaptable for all 4 kids, so I made separate worksheets for them all, and they thought it was cool that could all do them at the same time. They were all challenged. Freddy did simple addition and subtraction problem using counting bears to help him. Jem did harder addition and subtraction. Scout did converting decimals to fractions, and Flossie did matching shapes. Freddie was convinced his was too hard even though it is exactly what he has been doing in his math book, but once I showed him how to do a few with his counters, he was off and running.  He gets frustrated and is willing to give up too easily. Can't let him get away with that because helping him see if he sticks with something he can do it will be important for later when he comes up against hard things in school. Here's a few of the pics I did manage to take:

We decided to organize our pencils and markers.

Freddie made a "P"

Jem's Pumpkin worksheet
So, after Day 4, I am tired and done with Halloween, except now I have to take all the decorations down :( 

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