Tuesday, April 26, 2011

T it for Tiger - 4/26/11

I don't know what is going on with my phone camera today! It is taking terrible pictures :(  So you'll have to forgive the quality today. I'll try to figure it out tonight.

Anyway, today we started out with some Teatime! Freddie got a big surprise when he found out there was really water in the Teapot! I found these cute cupcakes in the Easter clearance and thought Flossie would like them with the kitchen playthings. They had fun having Tea, or shall I say Flossie did. Freddie wasn't all that into it, but Jem role played with Flossie and she loved it.

I also put out some Kinex builders out and some stencils. Then I tried again with the wood blocks and the Tigers. This time I sat and played with Flossie with them for a minute and showed her how to make a zoo and have the people  stand around and come to see the Tigers and what might happen if one of the Tigers got out - how the zoo keeper would come with his cage and catch him and put him back in his exhibit. After about ten minutes, then I left her on her own and she kept playing and Freddie came over and joined her. I don't know why but sometimes you just have to start the play before kids seem to know what to do.

Next I put out some Letter match puzzles. I just put out the letters we have learned so far and the first letters of their names so they don't get overwhelmed with too many at once. They both found it easy and were happy to be successful. It's good to have things for them to do where they can feel successful. It builds their self-esteem and makes them more willing to try new things. After that they both tried file folder games. Scout helped Flossie do and ABC match up one and I helped Freddie with a number matching one. He is doing well with his number recognition. He asked me about a few, but got quite a few right too.

Next we worked on some cutting practice by making Tigers! I picked up some new kid scissors this weekend since my other 6 pairs seem to have gone missing. They seemed to help Freddie a lot with his cutting. He still got frustrated after awhile. He would get to a difficult spot and say, "I can't do it!"  Of course, I told him he could and then helped him through those hard parts, and he continued on until he got stuck again. Eventually he got through the whole thing. Flossie is different. She doesn't seem to get stuck as much. She just plows right through - sometimes right through the picture!  But really,small motor work seems to be a little bit easier for her. She doesn't struggle as much with the actual mechanics of the scissors. As long as I helped her hold the paper and reminded her to stay on the line, she whizzed right through it.  After that we read some books about Tigers and a couple of poems about Tigers from the book A Zooful of Animals by William R. Cole.

And . . . the was about it for preschool time. After lunch, during naps, the big kids listened to history lectures and worked on their display boards for the upcoming Academic Fair. Here is Jem's Bug display (In progress).

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