Monday, January 5, 2015

Changes . . .Tme Flies

     It has been over 2 years since I posted last! How is that possible?? So many things have changed in our homeschooling lives. Fanny and Freddy are both in school now. When each of them started school, they were beginning to read, knew all their colors and shapes, knew all of their letters and sounds, could count to well over 100, could do double digit addition and subtraction, knew how to write their letters and numbers, and generally loved learning. Sarah also is in school now and I am so impressed by the things her mom posts related to her school work. She has grown up so much! I miss all of their little faces!!

     Scout is 14 now and has started high school at a charter arts school. She is loving it and doing well!  I was worried about her being "behind" in math, but she ended up the first semester with a high B in Algebra! I am very proud of all of her hard work, and glad she is having a positive experience, although Jem and I do miss her during the day. As usual, she continues to do theater nearly constantly and loves all the friends she has made there.

     Jem is my last homeschooler! He is in 5th grade now and is doing well. I am looking forward to having at least 4 good years left with him (in case he decides to go to high school too) and hopefully more. As usual, I have changed my plans a few times already in regard to curriculum and schedule choices, but that's what's great about homeschooling. You can change things to better fit your students, your own preferences, and life in general. We are doing a co-op again this year which I haven't done in many years due to co-op burnout, lol. We are using the Beautiful Feet Geography unit.  Hopefully it will be a positive thing for all of us.
Learning about Autralopithecus

Whatever it takes to get that math done!

Looking at pond water samples from our nature study
at Hassayampa River Preserve

Co-op: Canoes we built during our Paddle to the Sea unit

Working on our Paddle to the Sea maps

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