Friday, September 28, 2012

Weeks 2 to 4 - Patterns - Letter G - Science - Extra Curriculars

The past 3 weeks have flown by i a flurry of activities and school work. We have been very busy and most importantly, have gotten a lot of school done! Being organized has been key this year and although I did falter a bit on that at the end of Week 3, I quickly saw what was happening and picked myself up and got back in action in time for Week 4!

I have found out that the preschoolers weekly schedule is essential to our ship running smoothly. Otherwise, I am scrambling to figure out things to keep them busy and it is a waste of valuable time. When everything is planned out and prepared (which takes a lot of time at the beginning, but is well worth it), our days just seem so well-oiled.

Here is what we did during the past 3 weeks:


We have done a lot with working on patterns these past few weeks. We started with just ABAB patterns and then moved to the harder ABBABB and ABAABABAAB, etc. We also finally switched from color patterns to picture patterns which was a different idea I found out. Both girls did pretty well with pattern work. Why do we do it? Understanding patterns is "just the beginning of lifelong mathematic skills," according to  "Times tables, addition and skip counting all require an understanding of and proficiency in patterning."

                                                                                     File Folder Game

Letter G
We did Letter G last school year, but in our review, it was clear we need to do it again! It's a hard one because its sound doesn't sound lie it's name!  Here's some of the Letter G work we did this week:

                  Games                                                                  Geoboard

       Gumball Puzzle                                                     Letter G Do-a-Dot

Toilet Paper Roll Grapes

 Grapes Exploration for Science

Adding regular science activities to the preschool curriculum has been fun this year. I have gotten a lot of ideas from the Teach Preschool blog. It is fabulous!

It Looks Like This in My Magnifying  Glass         Colorful Salty Art

Color bubble science

                                                  Lentil Investigation

                                                                                Marbles, chutes, and tubes

                 Baby frogs                                                       Cloud dough

Math, Phonics, and Other Fun Stuff!

        Small motor practice                                               Alphabet Bugs

                                  Sight Word Puzzles

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Spin a Number

                                                                    Trying to learn those pesky teens!

                                   Rock climbing with the Girls Scouts! 

                                                  A trip to the Halloween store :)


                                           Mom, I want this one please!!

The big kids school has been running pretty smoothly. Jem has been telling me all sorts of interesting things he's learning from his daily non-fiction free-reading :). Scout is doing really well with her  writing curriculum and is doing more writing than she has ever done before - good thing :) Both are doing very well at learning their Asian countries. Our Middle Eastern geometric art study is still interesting and fun. It's challenging getting the designs to come out right because everything has to be pretty perfectly aligned. Makes you wonder at the challenge it must have been for them to do it on walls and ceilings with less sophisticated tools during the middle ages and before. Music Man rehearsals are in full swing for Jem. He is doing really well. His adult co-actors keep coming up to me to tell me how much they love working with him and how well he is doing, so I am proud of him :)  And finally, we went indoor rock climbing with Scout's Girl Scout troupe. I was the "belayer" for my 3 climbers. It was exhausting!! But they had a lot of fun. Everyone made it to the top, even Flossie, and Scout and Jem even went horizontal!  We had a busy, but fun, two weeks!

                                             RS4K  Chemistry - building molecules

 Physical science - building 3D structures that can stand and hold their own weight.

Physical science - chutes and marbles                   Natural Science - Baby frogs

Weird Science!

            Calculadder                                                 Geography Centers

                      More Middle Eastern Geometric Art

                                                                         A new short cut for Music man!

         His band costume                                                  Photo shoot

                                             Rock climbing with Girl Scouts

                                            Starting to think about Halloween  :)

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