Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Butterflies! - 1/18/12

Well our beautiful butterflies dried and we found lots of uses for them. We cut them all out. Some of them got glued onto pretty garden pictures. Some got taped to strings and tied to the ends of sticks to make butterfly puppets. Then a big puppet production was underway. That took a LONG time to put together. Everyone had to learn their lines and the stage had to be figured out. Lots of arguing, debating, laughing, compromising, some crying, and eventually a show which I tried to video tape several times. In the end, Flossie decided she wasn't going to be in the show. Well, I'm not sure if she decided or it was decided for her. When she stood there and refused to do her part anymore, it was a mutual decision that she had had enough fun for one day. After take 14, I did get a recording, but I can't put it up here because Freddie, as is usual when I am video taping no matter how many times I remind him!, kept saying Scout's real name. Since we're at least shooting for some anonymity on this blog, I won't put the video up here, but there is a cute picture of them doing the show.

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