Friday, July 22, 2011

N is for Nest - Part 1 - 7/21/11

Today was kind of weird day. Early morning we kind of messed around. Freddie tried on some looooong toenails:
 And Flossie tried on some of Scouts "old" dresses.  She has two sz 5 dresses in her closet. One that she wore once to her uncle's wedding. And one that she never wore. For some reason (OCD hoarding) she has refused to hand these down to Flossie so far. She just keeps wanting to hang onto them. She says she wants to "do something with them," or "make something with them."  Well of course that hasn't happened and for several years they have been hanging in her closet. So today Flossie and I hatched a scheme to try to get Scout to bend a little. I had Flossie try them on to see if they would fit and if she liked them - of course yes, and yes on both counts. Then I knew that if she asked Scout and flashed those baby blues at her, Scout would have a hard time resisting, and it worked!!  Yay for Scout on fighting against her OCD,  and yay for Flossie on the new dress!

We actually did a lot of school but it was spread out over the whole day in pieces here and there. We had our usual running around to do with having to drop Scout off at camp and having lunch with Gramps today. Before that we squeezed in some school. The preschoolers did some N is for Nest worksheets form Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Jem and Dill worked on their states. I made up their states tests so they are all ready for when they are ready.

After lunch with Gramps, I decided we needed to get out for a bit, we've been cooped up for so long.   Not sure what I was thinking. It was HOOOOTTTTTT!  But the kids enjoyed themselves at the splash pad.

 When we got home and the preschoolers went to sleep, the boys finished up their school work. Although Dill came in yesterday with both barrels loaded ready to do school, today he was dragging big time. It was do one problem, redirect, redirect, redirect, REDIRECT, do another problem, etc. all afternoon long. School was just dragging on for both of us, so I finally just gave him a reprieve and said we'll try again fresh on Monday. 

On a good note, Jem finally finished all of his phonics books from Learning Language Arts Through Literature  - The Blue Book.  He has been working on these all year long!  Yay!!  To think he started out reading 3 letter words and can now read full paragraphs. Pretty amazing!

Scout had another great day at camp. She is LOVING it this summer. They are doing so many fun thing. This week she is learning puppetry, mime, juggling, and on-camera acting. She is discouraged however that the boys are getting their school done and she is not able to do as much. I offered her some help with her math this afternoon to try to move her along. Just wait until week 3 - She will have camp all day and then dress rehearsals for her play all night. The life of an actor!

No school tomorrow. I'm off to the AFHE Homeschool Convention. Maybe I'll learn a new trick or two.

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