Friday, April 8, 2011

L is for Lollipop - 4/8/11

The day started with some free play with wood blocks and farm animals, and lentils and scoops. I got a cool kit from TOPPS Science a long time ago called Get a Grip. It teaches math and science using lentils. But At it's most basic level, it is just fun to scoop and pour and compare which jar holds more, which are the same, etc. Wet/dry pouring and scooping activities are always a favorite in preschool. They are often not done at home because of the mess, but I think it is a shame. Kids learn so much about volume and spacial relationships as well as working on both gross and fine motor development during this type of play. It can be a little messy sometimes, but everything cleans up.

For school today we worked on some letter L activities. We did spin art to make "L is for Lollipop" pictures.  The we did Playdoh L's  and worked on writing L's on sentence strips.

 Flossie didn't get a chance to do computer games yesterday so she wanted to do it today. She had a lot of fun with the games on that site and did well with them.

While they did all this, Jem finished copying his bee poem, learned several new facts about bees, and discovered that he would NEVER want to be a drone bee since they have what in his opinion is a TERRIBLE life!  He made some lollipop pictures for himself too and helped Freddie do some writing on one of his pictures. Whatever the little kids are doing, he seems to want to do too.

Freddie worked on an ABC floor puzzle, and they both looked at some ABC animal flash cards on their own. After that it was just free play and some tag with the big kids until lunch time. Then we were off to homeschool park day.

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